19 February 2010

Stop Global Warming Since the Early

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Today the global warming impact on a variety of ecological disaster, not many understanding and awareness of the various parties is a problem that must be minimized. Global warming is the increasing incidence average temperature of the atmosphere, sea and land earth. While the spotlight has been the main variety of the world community, especially the industrialized countries, increasing economic demands and high consumption patterns (consumptive lifestyles), but there are many who do not understand, and less concerned with the impact of global warming on the current disaster.

Global warming has its roots from the greenhouse effect caused by rising concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gases in the atmosphere. The increase in CO2 concentration is caused by the increase in fuel oil combustion (fuel), coal and other organic fuels are beyond the ability plants and sea to mengabsorbsinya. According to estimates, the greenhouse effect the earth temperature has increased an average of 1-5 ° C. If the trend of increased greenhouse gases remain as it would lead to increased global warming of 1.5 to 4.5 ° C around the year 2030. With increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, it will affect more and more heat waves reflected from the surface of the earth because they can not absorb the atmosphere. This will cause the earth's surface temperature increased and the change in a very extreme climate on Earth, rising ocean temperatures to melt the ice in the polar regions that could lead to rising sea levels.

Efforts to anticipate the impact of the greenhouse effect is very dangerous to the life of this earth, it would require a response action consistent and sustainable for life in the future. Concrete steps to anticipate the impact of one of them is by planting trees as the planting and many more, but the important thing is awareness of each citizen to implement in real life. Yet we see that it is still a lot that have not been aware of the dangers of global warming is even more shameful that the younger generation who are still less given the knowledge about it. In fact the current generation continue to use and exploit natural resources without considering the side effects resulting from the use of excessive and uncontrolled. Therefore, we need a rationale for maintaining ecological balance which began in early before it's too late, environmental awareness is formed early on can be a strong foundation for the future. Prevent is the best thing than a cure.

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