21 February 2010

Agro Tourism Salak Pondoh

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As an agrarian country, Indonesia has natural resources and biodiversity are very diverse which if managed properly, it can rely on the wealth become a mainstay of the national economy. Agro-climate conditions in the territory of Indonesia is very suitable for the development of tropical commodities and some sub-tropical in height between zero to a thousand meters above sea level. Agricultural commodities (including food crops, horticulture, plantation, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries) with the diversity and uniqueness of valuable and reinforced by cultural wealth has a very diverse as a strong attraction Agrotourism. Overall very likely become a mainstay of the Indonesian economy.

Tourism is one of strategic industries in the world. This is because most countries in the world to get foreign exchange from their tourism sectors. Besides being the largest industry, tourism is also a strategic activities when viewed in terms of economic development and socio-cultural since the creation of tourism jobs, investment growth, increasing incomes, improving the quality of society and can instill a sense of love of the country to the values of national culture . This tendency needs to enjoy in specific objects like the fresh air, beautiful scenery, traditional product processing, and agricultural products of modern and specific showing rapid improvement. This trend is a demand for high signal Agrotourism and opening up opportunities for the development of agri-products either in the form of agricultural products or areas that have a specific appeal. Expanse of vast areas such as planting in plantation areas, and horticulture in addition to presenting the sights and fresh air, also a medium of education for the community in a very large dimensions, ranging from education about the business activities in their respective fields to the education of harmony and sustainability nature.

Turi Agro Tourism Salak Pondoh is one of tourist objects owned Sleman regency. This tourism object precisely in the village of Kampung Gadung Bangunkerto, Turi, Sleman, Indonesia. Turi Agro Tourism is an area of 27 hectares of land which is used as Pondoh salak garden complex, a playground of children, fishing and swimming pools that are expected to contribute to the improvement of social welfare in fulfilling the need for tourism. Location is very strategic agro Turi, close to other natural tourist attractions such as Mount Merapi, Kaliurang and Kaliadem facilitate tourist visitors if they want to do a series of tourist visits. Turi Agro Tourism Region is also one of the government programs to protect the unique flora of Sleman District salak Pondoh and become one of regional assets. But in its development, the growth of tourism in Turi Agro Tourism is not as expected. Number of visitors / tourists from year to year continue to decline as a result of the lack of tourist attractions are. In addition, the current condition poorly maintained. Therefore, the government of Sleman District, in this case is responsible for Tourism to plan a development of this agro area. 

With the potential and the problems in this area Turi Agro Tourism, the need for recreation is expected to provide facilities that support tourism activities while utilizing the existing natural potential of the form Pondoh salak plantations in Sleman regency. It also needed recreational attraction that combines elements of recreation, conservation, education and adventure that can attract visitors.

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