25 August 2011

Karaton Yogyakarta

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Karaton Yogyakarta (Sultanate Palace of Yogyakarta), was founded by “Sultan Hamengkubuwono I” few months post Giyanti Agreement in 1755. The location of this palace is the former a Pesanggarahan (Guesthouse) reputedly named Garjitawati. Pesanggrahan (Guesthouse) was used to break the funeral procession of the kings of Mataram (Kartasura and Surakarta) to be buried in Imogiri. Another version mentions the location of the palace is a spring, Umbul Pacethokan, who is in the middle Beringan forest. 

Great House
Karaton Yogyakarta (Sultanate Palace of Yogyakarta) is located in downtown Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Its location is very strategic because it is straight south of Malioboro and the Great House (Presidential Palace) in Yogyakarta. The complex of buildings of this palace still serves as a residence sultan and his court of households who are still running the imperial tradition until today. Prior to occupy the Sultanate Palace of Yogyakarta, “Sultan Hamengkubuwono I” stayed at Pesanggrahan (Guesthouse) Ambar Ketawang which now includes the District Gamping, Sleman, Yogyakarta

Karaton Yogyakarta (Sultanate Palace of Yogyakarta) is also one of the existing cultural attractions in Yogyakarta. Various collections of historic objects belonging empire, including a variety of gifts from the kings of Europe, a replica of heritage palace, and gamelan still stored intact in the Museum. In terms of the building, Sultanate Palace looked more stylish traditional Javanese architecture. In certain parts look a touch of foreign culture, such as Portuguese, Dutch, and even China. Buildings in each complex are formed / constructed Joglo or derivation construction. Joglo open without walls called the ward while the closed walls joglo called Gedhong (building). In addition there are buildings that form a canopy-roofed bamboo and bamboo pole called Tratag. In the development of this buildings using tin-roofed and piled iron. 

Karaton Yogyakarta (Sultanate Palace of Yogyakarta) has seven core complex that is Siti Hinggil Ler (North Hall), Kamandhungan Ler (North Kamandhungan), Sri Manganti, Kedhaton, Kamagangan, Kamandhungan Kidul (South Kamandhungan), and Siti Hinggil Kidul (South Hall). In addition, Sultanate Palace of Yogyakarta has a good range of cultural heritage in the form of the ceremony as well as antiquities and historic. On the other hand, Sultanate Palace is also a traditional institution, complete with customary holders. Therefore not surprising that the values of philosophy and mythology surrounds in Karaton Yogyakarta. 

Besides having the grandeur of the building, Karaton Yogyakarta also has a priceless cultural heritage. Include traditional ceremonies, sacred dances, music, and pusaka (heirloom). The famous ritual ceremony is Tumplak Wajik, Garebeg, Sekaten, Siraman Pusaka (Heritage) and Labuhan. The ceremony is still carried out till now and become Indonesia's cultural heritage should be protected from claims of foreign parties. 

Here is a traditional ceremonies are still maintained its sustainability:

Tumplak Wajik Ceremony:
Tumplak Wajik
Tumplak wajik ceremony is the ceremony of making diamonds (special food made of glutinous rice with coconut sugar) to initiate the manufacture pareden used for in the garebeg ceremony. This ceremony is only done to make pareden estri on Garebeg Maulud and Garebeg Besar (Dzulhijjah). In a ceremony that was attended by princes palace is equipped with the offerings. In addition, the ceremony which was held two days before Garebeg also accompanied by ansembel music lesung-alu (pestle rice), Kenthongan, and other wooden musical instruments. After finished, the ceremony continued with the creation pareden. 

Garebeg Ceremony
Garebeg & Sekaten
Garebeg ceremony was held three times in a calendar year / Javanese calendar which is on 12 months Maulud (about 3 months), the 1st month of Syawal (around the 10th month) and the 10th month of Dzulhijjah (around month 12). In those days the Emperor is pleased issued alms to the people as a manifestation of gratitude to God for the prosperity of the kingdom. This charity, which called Hajad Dalem, form a  (mountains) consisting of Pareden Kakung, Pareden Estri, Pareden Pawohan, Pareden Gepak, and Pareden Dharat, and Pareden Kutug/Bromo who spent 8 years only once during Garebeg Maulud the Dal year. 

Sekaten Ceremony:
Sekaten is a royal ceremony held for seven days. It is said the origin of this ceremony since the kingdom of Demak. This ceremony is actually a celebration of the birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW. According to folklore, the word of Sekaten comes from the term credo in Islam, Syahadatain. Sekaten began with the release of two sets of Gamelan Sekati, KK Guntur Madu and KK Nagawilaga, from the palace to be placed in the North and South Pagongan in front of the Mosque Gedhe. For seven days, from day 6th until 11th, month of Maulud, both devices gamelan is played/sounded alternately marks the celebration sekaten. On the night of the eighth sultan or his designated representative, do Udhik-udhik ceremony, the tradition spread coins. After that the Emperor or his representatives entered the Mosque Gedhe to listen to the recitation prophet's birthday and listened to the reading of biographies of the prophet. And on the last day, the ceremony closed with Garebeg Maulud. During sekaten Sego Gurih (savory rice) and Endhog Abang (red egg) is a typical foods are sold. In addition there are also sirih pinang and kantil flower (Michelia alba; family Magnoliaceae). Currently, in addition to such traditional ceremony also held a night market that began a month before the actual solemnization sekaten

Siraman / Jamasan Ceremony
Siraman Pusaka
In the first month of Javanese calendar, Suro, Sultanate Palace of Yogyakarta has a unique tradition of ritual ceremony "Siraman / Jamasan" Pusaka (Heritage). Siraman / Jamasan Pusaka (Heritage) is a ritual performed in order to clean and care for Heritage Kingdom (Royal Heirlooms) owned. The ceremony is held at four places: 
  • The first location is in Complex Kedhaton (Ndalem Ageng Prabayaksa and Bangsal Manis). The ceremony at this location closed to the public and only attended by the royal family.
  • The location of the second and third consecutive in the Complex Roto Wijayan and the Alun-Alun (town square). In Roto Wijayan the cleaned / treated the horse carriages. Kanjeng Nyai Jimat, the official rail empire in the days of “Sultan HB I-IV”, always cleaned every year. Other horse-drawn carriage cleaned in rotation to assist (in a year only one train that gets a small turn). In the Alun-Alun (town square) cuts and a fireplace made of twigs and leaves Waringin Sengker located in the middle of the field.
  • The fourth location is at the burial of kings in Imogiri. In this place cleaned up two Bejana (vessels) namely Kyai Danube and Danumurti

In the second, third, and fourth general public can watch the procession of the ceremony. 

Labuhan Ceremony 
Labuhan Merapi
Labuhan Parang Kusumo
Labuhan ceremony charity is done in two places, namely Coast Parang Kusumo and slopes of Merapi Mountain. In second place, objects was owned by the Sultan such as nyamping (batik cloth), rasukan (clothing) and so on-float (washed away). Labuhan Ceremony on the slopes of Merapi Mountain (Sleman District) led by Interpreter Lock Merapi Mountain (January 2008 to 2010 held by Mas Ngabehi Suraksa Harga or better known as Mbah Marijan), while in Parang Kusumo Beach (Bantul District) led by Interpreter Lock Cepuri Parang Kusumo. The objects are then contested by the public.

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