15 September 2010

Greenhouse Effect, Climate Change And Global Warming

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Earth has become warmer about 1 º F (0.5 º C) from 100 years ago. But why? And how? Actually science experts also do not know for sure. Earth may be a naturally warm, but many climate experts who believe that human actions have helped to make the Earth becomes warmer.

The experts have agreed that the greenhouse effect caused by the increasing number of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere which causes heat energy that should be released into the earth's outer atmosphere is reflected back to the surface and cause the Earth's surface temperature becomes hotter.

There are several gas diatmosfir that serves as a \ 'catcher \' solar thermal energy. Without these gases, heat will be lost to space and Earth's average temperature can be 60 º F (33 º C) cooler. Because of its function as guardian of the warmth of the Earth, these gases are then referred to as the Greenhouse Gas (GHG). Which include among others: Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrous-Oxide (NO2) and methane (CH4).

Have you ever seen a greenhouse? Greenhouse typically in the form of a small house which consists entirely of glass and built to grow various crops, especially winter soften. How does a greenhouse work? Glass panels allow incoming sunlight but keep it causes heat energy is lost into the air. For convenience, imagine if you get into the car parked under the sun, hot joknya not it? Well, as well as existing plants in the greenhouse, which retained heat causes plants to survive in the winter.

The atmosphere is all around us, he is the air we breathe. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere similar function with glass panels in a greenhouse. Sunlight enters the Earth's atmosphere, through the layer of greenhouse gases. After reaching the entire surface of the earth, soil, water and other ecosystems that absorb energy from light. Once absorbed, this energy will be re-emitted into the atmosphere. Much energy is returned to the air, but most caught by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causing the Earth to be warmer.
Greenhouse effect plays an important role in human survival on Earth. Without those effects, the Earth would be too cold to be occupied. But on the contrary, if the effect is too strong, the Earth will be warmer than it should and will arise new problems for human life, plants, and animals.

Climate is average weather events in a specified region in the long term. For example, there is the possibility of a winter day in New York, United States, there has been a sunny day and warm, but the average weather - climate-tells us that winter in New York generally will be cold and full of snow and rain . Climate change represents a change in the weather over the long term, could be warmer or colder. Rainfall or snow on average per year can be increased or decreased.

Weather portray anything that happens in nature at a certain time in a certain place. Weather is something natural phenomena terhadi from minute to minute. Weather can change dramatically in a short time. For example, could have been raining for an hour and suddenly the sky was clear and bright. Weather is what we hear on the television news every night. Which included daily changes in weather is the humidity, barometric pressure, temperature and wind conditions at a particular location. Now, tell me, how the weather at your place today?

Climate describes the total weather that occurred during a specific period in a year at a certain place, Which includes average weather conditions, season (cold, hot, spring, fall, rain, and drought), and special natural phenomena (such as tornadoes and floods). Climate tells us how to live in certain areas. Rainy city of Bogor, Jakarta, hot, cool and Bandung. So, how the climate where you live?

Global warming is a term that indicates an increase in average temperature of the Earth, which then causes changes in climate. A warmer Earth may lead to changes in rain cycles, sea level rise, and a variety of impacts on plants, wildlife, and humans. When scientists talk about the problems of climate change, which became the center of attention is global warming caused by human activities.
It may be difficult to imagine how humans can cause changes in climate on Earth. However, experts agree that the act of men that spurred the large amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and causing Earth becomes hotter.
Formerly, all the climate change runs naturally. But with the Industrial Revolution, humans began to change the climate and environment in which they live through the actions of agricultural and industrial. The Industrial Revolution was a time when humans began to use machines to simplify their lives. This revolution began about 200 years ago and change human lifestyles. Previously, people only took off a little gas into the atmosphere, but this time with \ 'help \' population growth, fossil fuel burning and deforestation, humans affect changes in atmospheric gas composition.
Since the Industrial Revolution, the need for energy to run the engine continues to rise. Several types of energy, such as the energy you need comes from the foods you eat. But other energy, such as the energy used to run cars and most of the energy for lighting and heating homes, comes from fuels like coal and oil, or more commonly known as fossil fuels because it occurs from the decay of fossils of living creatures. Burning these fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

When you:

- Watch TV
- AC Install
- Lamp lit
- Use Hair Dryer
- Car driving
- Playing Video Games
- Lit Radio
- Clothes Washing or Drying with the machinery
- Using Microwave / Oven

You've helped to release greenhouse gases into the air. Why? Because every time you do these things, you need electricity, and electricity generated by power plants - power plants - most of which use coal and petroleum. Once again, burning coal and oil produces greenhouse gases.
Other things that cause us to help to release greenhouse gases into the air:
Throw garbage into the landfill waste produces methane. Methane is also produced from animal waste are kept to supply the needs of dairy and meat (like beef) and also from coal mining; Driving a car; Using / buying goods produced in factories because their production processes release greenhouse gases into the air.

Of course. If we wanted to try, each person can carry out their part in helping to prevent global warming. No one said that driving a car or use electricity is the wrong activities. We just have to be more clever in the implement. Some people reduce energy usage by carpooling or use of the car together. For example, four people can stay in one same car different than driving four cars to go to the same place.
The following are things that are easy but it can make you participate in maintaining the Earth became a better place to live!
- Read
Learning about the environment is very important. There are many books you can read. For starters, ask the teacher or library staff to give the title of the book can be read. Or with the splendor of the internet, it's worth exploring your virtual nature to look for sites that provide information about the environment and climate change.
- Efficient Use of Electricity
Turn off lights, televisions, and computers when you use it selasai.
Rise Bike, Bus, and Walking
With the occasional bus, ride a bike, or walking, you've save the use of fossil energy.
- Talking to Family and Friends
Talking to family and friends about global warming. Let them know what you have learned.
- Tree Planting
Planting a tree at home and school is a fun activity and one way to reduce the bail of greenhouse gases. Trees absorb CO2 from the air.
(This is against the WWF \ 's campaign - anti-carbon sink - so it May be excluded in our campaign to school children - ed.)
- Recycling
Recycle cans, bottles, plastic bags, and newspapers. When you recycle, you reduce the amount of waste dumped in a landfill and you help the rescue of natural resources, such as trees, petroleum, and metal materials such as aluminum.
- When shopping, buy environmentally friendly goods One way to reduce the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is to buy energy-efficient products, such as automobiles, electronics and lighting.
- Buying products that can be recycled? Look for products that have a recycling mark - three arrows forming a cycle. Prokus that can be recycled normally made from objects that have been used. Generally to create a recycled product that is used less energy than new products. Less energy used, the better.

Some objects, such as computers, TV, Stereo, and VCR label that read \ "Energy \" with a picture of a star. Products with the ENERGY STAR ® label are made to save energy. Buying this product will help preserve the environment.

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