18 February 2010

Nature Tourism in Curug Neglasari

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Neglasari Lawang resort where nature tourism is a very beautiful, but it's rarely one or the tourists who stopped briefly to see up close this Neglasari Curug. Curug is located in the middle of the Garut City travel south toward Pameungpeuk, West Java, Indonesia.

Panorama Neglasari Curug beauty lies in the location, tea plantations and cool air. From the Garut spent about 3 hours, when entering the area after the Mountain Dark Neglasari. Dark mountain itself is an unspoiled forest although there has been a lot of residential areas but very dense trees.

In the story of people around, the Mountain Dark named as a natural event that happens, sudan black in the language means lightning or thunder. Dark mountain road when it happened a powerful lightning until workers could throw up into the tree. Outside of right or wrong, I take it the story.

Return to Curug Neglasari, curug never shrinking water. Despite the drought there was still water in these curug. Which distinguish only the volume of water. In sharp contrast, if the rainy season and dry season.

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Joey Pim said...

very beautiful natur image with waterfall, same some northern thailand provinces

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