18 February 2010

Web Hosting Tutorials

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Creation of a skilled website is the job of professional web designers, even though quite a few tools are available on the Internet even for untrained people to project their own website without much hassle. Even if the website had been designed in an exceptional mode, it has to be correctly hosted on a web server to make it visible to the web audience or visitors on the World Wide Web or WWW. Hence, the right type of web hosting is as important as creating or designing a website. When a website had been properly hosted on the WWW, it gets higher rankings at the search engines and at the same time, it draws in large volumes of Internet traffic towards the website. These two factors are critical to the success or failure of the website and its intentions.
Working of the World Wide Web
The World Wide Web contains information that is stored in documents known as web pages. These web pages are the various files, data, pictures, videos, etc. that are stored in individual or group of computers. These computers are termed as web servers. The computers that read these web pages are designated as web clients. Such web clients view or read the pages with the help of a special program called web browser. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. are the most popular web browsers available freely on the Internet to read the pages of the sites that had undergone proper web hosting.

Procedure of Fetching and Displaying a Web Page by Web Browser
The web browser sends a request to the web server for a particular page through an International standard HTTP method by specifically mentioning the page address. Normally, the web page address appears as Since all the web pages contain the required instructions for display, the web browser is able to display the web page by reading such instructions. The display instructions used widely are known as HTML tags. These tags appear as:

"this is a sample page"

Task of a Web Server
The website is a collection of the web pages that had been created by you or by another person on your behalf. You are required to publish this website on the Internet so that others are able to view the web pages in your website. This process is known as web hosting. You must copy your website to a standard web server for publishing all the work done in your website and allowing others to view such work. If your personal computer is connected to the Internet, the PC itself is capable of acting as a web server.

Job of Internet Service Provider in Web Hosting
Still, you need an Internet Service Provider or ISP to get connected to the Internet. An ISP provides not only the basic service of connecting your computer to the Internet but also provides the service of web hosting. Web hosting includes the publishing of the contents of your web pages by storing them on a public WWW server, email services, and other specialized services like domain name registration etc.

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